About Us

Xena20* We go to great lengths to ensure that our puppy parents are of the highest quality. Our dogs are of the finest foreign import lines available.

* Our goal is to provide high quality puppies, NOT a high quantity of puppies.

* We have a special soft spot for rescue dogs, and have several who are all spayed or neutered. We know that there are many shelters with dogs who need loving homes, and we fully support them.

* We also know there are times when you may have a specific need or desire in a pet. Perhaps a shelter pet just doesn’t quite fit in with your needs. That’s where we come in.

* We spend a lot of time with each puppy as a way of helping it adjust to human interaction. Once weaned, each puppy also receives a significant amount of time away from its parents so that it can become independent, friendly and well-adjusted.

* The puppies are born in our home and are raised around our family, which includes several children who help care for the puppies and interact with them on a daily basis. Puppies are well socialized.

* All puppies come dewormed, with current vaccinations, DNA proof of parentage certificate, veterinarian examination, and a health warranty (see NuVet and Life’s Abundance dog food). We also provide a folder of great information on puppy care, a new collar,  a tube of Nutr-cal and a baby blanket with mom’s smell on it to help with the transition.

* Due to all the effort, care and love we give our puppies we reserve the right to refuse adoption of a puppy to anyone that we feel is unfit or unable to provide the proper care for the puppy.

* Support doesn’t end when your puppy goes home. I like to maintain open contact with my clients to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

* Beginning at six weeks of age the puppies may be visited and we will accept non-refundable, cash deposits at that time, on a first come – first served basis. We cannot put a hold on a puppy unless there is a deposit made (please be sure of your decision before putting down a deposit as it is nonrefundable). Clients who contact me before the six week time will be put on a visitation list (in order) based on day/time that you contacted me. Once the puppies are old enough to be visited I will set up appointments with the prospective clients on the list (in order) to receive visits as well as deposits. All deposits and sales must be made with cash. I am unable to accept any other form of payment.

* Please be aware of the NuVet and Life’s Abundance portion of the warranty before coming and visiting or purchasing a puppy.